Freelance graphic design, crafted  in most wonderful Manchester.

I do...

I do lots of different kinds of design work. 12 years of industry experience and nearly 10 as a freelancer means I have worked on everything from packaging work to entire rebrands, editorial layouts to event design, advertising campaigns to in-store creative,
and much more in between.

I work with...

I work with all manner of clients, from small one-person startups to charities to some of the biggest agencies in the country. So whether you're a business owner who needs a new logo or a whole rebrand, or an agency in need of an experienced and hardworking set of hands, it would be great to chat. 

My journey...

After studying Design and Art Direction in Manchester I spent three years working for TBWA in the city. After many happy years there, I became freelance. Nearly ten years later I continue to love working for a wide range of clients, creating effective designs, helping brands flourish and loving it every day. 



Got some Qs about what I do, how much I charge or when I can do it – drop me a mail or call and we can chat it all through.

T: +44 (0)7759 046301